Email:  Mail: 631 Haight St, SF, CA 94117  Phone: (415) 741-3828

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Rethink What's Possible.


SAN FRANCISCO is facing a moment of truth. We’re the most beautiful city in the world and lead the nation when it comes to innovation. But our leaders aren’t taking bold enough steps to address our affordability crisis, population explosion, and income inequality. It’s time for a new vision.


All over the world, cities are embracing Democratic Socialism.

We need to rethink what’s possible for San Francisco. We need a Green New Deal for San Francisco starting with clean public power instead of PG&E. We need a San Francisco Public Bank that can divest our tax dollars from global corporations and invest locally in affordable housing, low-cost loans for first-time homeowners and small business, and help pay off student and medical debt. We need smart and creative solutions like universal mental healthcare, social housing, free transit and preschool for all. Here in District 5, we CAN and WILL save Midtown and implement a whole new approach to housing and homelessness.


My vision begins with building on the major achievements we’ve had at the grassroots level.


We know we can achieve bold change because we’ve already done it. I wrote and passed Prop F which gives a free lawyer to tenants facing unfair eviction. I backed and helped fund Prop C, which tackles our homeless crisis by taxing large corporations to double housing and mental health care to our homeless population.


My campaign for supervisor is all about working with neighbors to identify the issues that we really want to address, and then thinking and acting BIG to help meet those needs together.

I’ve lived in District 5 for 20 years. Together we’ve fought successfully for more affordable housing, to give Midtown tenants a voice, and to protect locally-owned small businesses from national chain stores. I’m a public school parent and I ride MUNI every day. As Supervisor, I will both zero-in on our most local issues, while at the same time take the temperature on a rapidly changing city and funnel our innovation towards affordable living for families, efficient and speedy transit, protection for our small businesses, and decisive steps to protect our democratic process from being overwhelmed by corporate interests.